As I write this blog, I am in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time studying tournaments. I’m going to be playing more in the future. I want to travel more so this works out well for when things get back to normal post-COVID. 

Before coming out to Vegas, I took a few days off. But I did take a 1 day trip out to Bonita Springs and played 5-10. Bonita Spring is located in the Fort Myers area. It’s about an hour and 45 minutes from Fort Lauderdale. Once I heard they were going to be opening up a new poker room on Sept 29th, I decided to enjoy my time there relaxing and come back later. The current poker room is very old and dingy. I will definitely visit the new poker room every so often.  The 2- 5-10 game I played in was good action. Unfortunately, I was card dead and tired. I made $33 in 2.5 hours and left. My last session before coming out to Vegas was at the Hard Rock in Hollywood. I finished up a little over $1,700. So far I’m having another good month. I think I’m running way above expectation.

I just landed in Vegas last night. I’m here mainly to play the Venetian’s DeepStack tournament series and catch up with friends. I sold 50% of my action in a package. Thank you to the 10 individuals who bought a piece of my action. If you want to learn how that works click here. I’m not the biggest fan of tourneys, but I have enjoyed the process of studying. Over the years as most of you know I have mainly played cash games.  Hopefully, we run well and have something positive to report in a few weeks. If you have questions message me on IG or email me at