Poker Session Guidelines 

I have examined my last 100 hours or so and I’m making about $30/hour. I don’t feel I have been playing my best, but more importantly I don’t feel like I have been following my session guidelines. I decided to take some time to look it over and make some updates since it’s been quite some time. 

It’s important to set guidelines for your session so you know you are making the best decisions about how long you will play and when to quit. This will help your overall win rate. 

Below is a list of some guidelines I have set for myself:

  • STOP AND H. A. U. L. T. (hungry, angry, unfocused, lonely or tired)
  • Take a break every 2 hours.
  • 30 Min Evaluation Period (30MEP). Only stay in the game for no longer than 30 additional minutes unless there is a big fish at the table and/or have a good image. If these factors are not present, then cash out or change tables.
  • Goal: Attempt to play a min 6 hours
  • If up 1 buy-in within the first hour, then implement the 30MEP.
  • If even or down more than 25 big blinds after 1 hour, then implement 30MEP.
  • If down 2 buy-ins after 4 hours, then implement 30MEP.
  • If up less than 1 buy in after 5 hours of play, then cash out and go home.
  • If up more then 1 buy in after 5 hours play, then implement 30MEP.
  • During the first 30 mins if down more than 50 big blinds, then cash out before posting the next big blind. Only stay if there is a huge mark at the table.
  • If up a full BI after 4 hours, then continue playing. If I lose 50 big blinds at this point or more, then cash out.
  • Do not play longer than 8 hours unless up over 5 buy-ins. If this occurs, extend the 30MEP to an hour with a $250 stop-loss.

What are some guidelines you set for yourself? 

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