Poker is back! After three long months,poker is finally back at the Hard Rock Casino. Lots of big changes have been made. Upon entering, you are screened for temperature checks. The casino also offers gloves and masks. Once you come into the Poker Room, there are placements on the floor for social distancing. When placing your name on the list there are plexiglass barriers as well as when you go to purchase your chips. One of the biggest changes is that the games are all shorthanded 6 max. When first sitting down at the table,the dealer has hand sanitizer,  which you are required to use before being dealt in. You are only allowed to change tables once throughout the day and move seats once throughout the day. There are barriers between you and the other players as well as the dealers with more plexiglass. I honestly felt more safe in the Poker Room than I had been out in public at the grocery stores or playing tennis. On top of all these precautions, they do not allow food in the Poker Room and they seem to be washing the chips once every hour. When a player goes broke or leaves the game, the dealer calls out for a clean just as they call a brush for chips and a staff member rushes over to clean. Everything is wiped down and sanitized, the plexiglass the railings as well as the seats. I went to the reopening around 1230 pm and played for about four hours. It was relatively crowded but not as packed as I thought it would be but it was midday. My game was not the best but definitely profitable. For the time being, this appears to be the new normal and we will definitely have to make some adjustments.  I look forward to the upcoming months and getting in some hands. If you like to follow my progress you can follow me at ThePokerProneur.

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