It’s very important to keep track of how much you tip. Depending how big of a winner you are in the game your tokes will be a different percentage of your win rate. In my opinion you should be tipping anywhere between  2-8%, anything more then this is a bit excessive. I have logged on 5000+ hours & tip about 7-8*% in 2-5NL which is about $4-5/ hour. Below is how I genuinely tip.

$10-$40 pots tip  $0 or $1 if dealer has pushed me two pots of this size.

$40-$199 $1

$200-$499   $1-2

$500 + $2-$3

Tipping this little amount still equates to $3000 a year+ with a win rate of $45 an hour @ 2-5NL.

Don’t tip excessive amounts.
The dealers will understand and realize that you play for a living and will be gracious of the consistent tips they get from you.

If you have any questions about tipping contact me.

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