At 500 effective, I stacked Villain a few hands earlier.

He is slightly tilted and frustrated. The hand installed him in he limp called $40 with 9x when we had Queens  on a 99Q flop.

Few rotations later, 7 handed again $500 effective.

Two players limp to Hero $35 K☘️J♦️

Small blind same villain calls.

Pot $80 Flop J❤️7❤️3☘️

Villain checks, Hero $50, Villain calls 

Pot $180 Turn 2♠️ H $160 Villain calls 

Pot $500 Villain checks Hero checks 

Did I make a mistake?  about  50% of you said yes and  50% said No.

About Half of you think checking is fine the other half think an All in is the correct play.

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Let’s try and find an answer without running it through a solver but taking from the knowledge and information  we have. 

With this texture and action, my first thoughts are that it’s most likely villain has a draw that missed. 

Let’s take a closer look.

The hands we get value from that may take this line 

JT, J9 & J8 I think the villain has all suited and unsuited combos since he was loose and frustrated . He has 8 combos each of JT J9 & J8 

Total 24 total combos.

Hands we lose that may take this line are listed below.

All 8 combos of AJ ,half the combos (3) of QJ as villain will bet the river a % of the time & a half a combo each for 77 & 33  totaling 1 combo as he would of check raised flop or turn a % of the time  and or donk bet the river. 

I will also give him 1 combo of J7 being of the club variety for a back door flush draw that he got sticky with on the turn.

Total combos of value own 13.

6 combinations of KJ we chop with that may fold to river shove. 

Note, Hands we may triple barrel bluff against a more competent villain.  Against this villain particularly in this situation I would not bluff.

AK hearts 1 combo 

AT hearts 1 combo 

A3 hearts 1 combo 

KT hearts 1 combo 

T9 hearts  1 combo 

89 hearts 1 combo 

6 total combos 

The hands we triple barrel for value 

JJ 3 combos 

QQ 3 combos 

QJ 4 combos 

KK 6 combos 

AA 6 combos 

AJ  6 combos combos 

KJ  6 combos 75%  of the time.

27 combos 

We have a ton more value hands then bluffs in this spot.

After doing the work, I think we should be betting river 100% of the time when we have the K❤️ and the K☘️

A lot of draws villain has will consist of the K❤️ he can’t have these draws if we hold this card. It makes his range more weighted to a made hand. A small percentage of hands have Kx ☘️

When we don’t have the K ❤️ or K☘️ I think checking half the time is ok and betting all in the half the time 

How I would do this in game is bet the K♠️ ck the K♦️

After review I think I made a mistake and we should be shoving 75% of the time on this river.

Villain may not recognize we don’t have many bluffs here. 

Villain has a twice the amount of hands he can call us with then when we value own ourselves.

We need to be good a little over 50% of the time when called to make this the right play. Based on the combos I think without a question we are. 

When we factor in the pot it’s a clearer bet.

Pot was $500

Villain had $250

If bet $250 into $500  It’s as if he bet $250 into 500 and I was facing the bet. If this were the case I would need to be good 25% of the time. I think I would be and I would call on this run out.

Conclusion do the work away from the table and you will often find the answer that will help you as you progress as a player.

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