Since the Casino has opened back up,  I have played 5 short sessions so far. I haven’t put in as many hours as I would like. Some of the sessions I wouldn’t even call a session since I played less than 15 hours total. My plan was and still is to play Ten 1-2 NL sessions the rest of June before jumping into 2-5NL if I feel comfortable. The games have been OK overall. It’s definitely been an adjustment playing six handed. Game selection isn’t as easy with new rules. A lot of the time, the games are playing four or five handed due to someone being away from the table. It took me a few sessions to get more comfortable with this. I am currently down a little less than $1,000. I post all my results on my Instagram page . I have only played at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood. As other casinos open up, I will move around and play at a few other spots as well. In the next month, I plan on taking a poker road trip so I can record some other poker rooms and play at casinos that are operating at full ring. Some places on the trip include Hialeah Park, West Palm Kennel Club, and  possibly Tampa and Jacksonville. If you guys know of better Poker Rooms opened in Florida or other parts of the country, please send me a message on Instagram or email me at

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