First and foremost, let me thank everyone who supported me last week during the tournament. I am happy to report we made the final 3. We decided to chop and I was 2nd in chips. We padded our bankroll with a cash of $12,816. Congrats to Hoami Vu winning $117 just for being a subscriber. Congratulations to the 10% investor. For the month of July, we finished up a little over 21k for the month. All the results can be seen in my highlights on Instagram. I don’t play many tournaments. It definitely was an emotional roller coaster. I look forward to playing the next one in August. This is the second free roll ticket we won that same day. I’m playing the $360 in the middle of August. Before the tournaments, I will be traveling to Tampa for a few days. I will def check out the hard rock poker room there. What’s the plan for August? The goal this month is to play 130 hours which is 10 hours more than last month (July). I will be on Bryce podcast on Wednesday, August 5th or 12th.

Our results for last month were not bad seeing how we had losses in the month; one for a little less than 2K and another for about 1500. I was more upset at the $1500 one because I made a mistake and the 2K didn’t bother me at all as there was nothing I could do.  We finished up $8,374 in cash games over 114 hours. 

Let’s see if we can’t keep up the momentum. 

As always if you have any questions dm me on ig or send me an email.