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Wow! It’s been almost 3 months now since I have been able to play poker in a casino. The Covid-19 still has all casinos shutdown. Initially, I was slightly depressed as I like to be in a routine. This time off has given me a lot of time to think about what’s most important to me and where I see my future going as it pertains to poker. I plan on playing a little less to focus on my cleaning business, property management business, and real estate business. My main focus is my health. I have started to learn to cook and have been eating a lot less meat then I used to. I feel much better and less lethargic. I think when this is all over (pandemic) I will play more in the evenings, shorter sessions, and definitely travel more to play. I’m excited about starting the Vlog and documenting my struggles and accomplishments. I think it will be cool to learn a new skill (editing) and meet other players who play and aspire poker for profit. Since the pandemic started, I haven’t played at all. I have been doing about 2 hours of study a week. I’m currently listening to Purposeful Practice on audiobook. It’s a great book thus far. I have been studying for my series 6 investment license and helping two clients search for their first home. At the time of this writing May 11, 2020, I am scheduled to close one real estate deal on the 15th. I have taken some time to learn the basics of day trading. It’s definitely a steep learning curve. I am currently doing paper trading to get used to executing trades. I only make 1-3 trades a week. I am learning to swing trade over day trading as it allows me more time for other things I enjoy. A lot of you know who follows me on IG and Facebook that I’ve been playing a lot of tennis luckily that has not been completely shut down. The new season starts tomorrow. By the end of the pandemic, I hope to have closed at 1 RE deal, be ready for my series 6 and SIE exam, close to being able to run a 5K,  have read or listened to on average 1 book every 10 days, and definitely will be an much better cook and moved into a new place. I hope everyone is staying safe. I look forward to writing more blogs. If you have any topics you like me to write about email me at

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