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It’s been sometime since my last blog entry. A lot has happened since I moved to Vegas in 2018 and lived there for about six months. I was not planning on moving but when a house I was under contract fell through while I was visiting being a wanderlust I decided to stay. I wanted to switch things up and see what it would be like to live there.

I had a great 2017 playing part time and making a little over 70K.  I moved there not knowing anyone except for two friends from high school. I did not know what to expect. I honestly didn’t enjoy my time there mainly because I did not win and I was having trouble making friends and adjusting. The games were and are much tougher than expected. The games were definitely beatable but I was admittedly over confident.  I just could not go on autopilot as I did in South Florida. I did not take the game seriously and/ or study on a regular basis. 

Unhealthy eating and lack of exercise played a factor in my mental health. A combination of these factors led to me tilting. I went on a 500 hour downswing losing about 10K. I did not put in the volume as I lacked motivation to play. This was no comparison to 2017. I considered quitting the game altogether. Poker definitely is an easy way to make a tough living.

My experience in Vegas taught me that you must respect the game and constantly work to improve no matter what. If you respect the game on a consistent basis and not only work on your game but also yourself, poker is extremely rewarding. After moving back from Vegas, I took sometime to focus on other projects. I didn’t put in as much volume. I began putting in more volume in May 2019. Since then I’ve been averaging about 80 hours a month so I’m still playing part time.

My goal is now to create at least one blog entry a month also teetered with the idea of possibly starting a Vlog. This is extremely intimidating for me as I do not like to be on camera nor do I possess any type of editing skills. I think it would be a great way to give back to those who want to see what it truly takes to play poker for profit professionally or semi professionally.I also think a Vlog would serve as a good way to document my poker experience as it pertains to traveling as well. I hope to create positive relationships and business relationships as well this type of project will also scratch my creative itch. If you guys have any blog ideas on the type of format you’d like to see email me at