What does it means to float?

The term floating in poker refers to calling a bet on the flop or turn with plans to take away the pot on a later street.

10  Good Times to float.

1. Against a player who cbets to frequently and doesn’t fire the turn. This typical opponent will only bet the flop but checks turn and gives up.

2. When there is a flush drawn on board and you can represent the flush if it comes in. I like to be holding a straight draw when I use this float.

3. With AK and AQ hands that could be the best hands. If checked to on the turn you could have the best hand or improve to best hand. I like to have a back door flush draw or back door straight draw when I use this float.

4. On coordinated middling boards 789 678 on this board if a 9 5 4 or T come you can represent a straight.

5. On paired boards 993 882.774. I like to have Ace high hands for this float. 

6. On boards where you have two overs and a back door flush draw or straight draw better to have both. If unimproved I usually will raise the turn at a certain frequency if opponent bets again depending on my read.

7. On boards where you have back door flush draws but can represent front door draws. I usually like to have overs to the board when making this type of float.

8. Against opponents who will fold out top pair or over pairs to aggression on the turn on rainbow boards. These type of opponents always see monsters under the bed.

9. I like to float when I am deep stack and holding gut shots to the nuts.  If the turn is a over card that hits my perceived range, I usually bet unless I am facing a tricky opponent. This is more so calling to hit your draw with implied odds but its always good to have a back up plan to win the pot.

10. When Deep stacked holding small pocket pair like 66  on a board  of  9 7 4 .We could have the best hand but also recognize a T 8 5 3 give us more equity and a 9 or 7  is good for our flop calling range and a 6 gives us the effective nuts.
After considering all this and the fact we could have the best hand its worth a float.

Its important to not over use this tactic as your more skilled opponents will catch on. These tactics should be used sparingly vs the right villains, Tags and Nits.